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Miami Heat Wired
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The Sunday Spotlight: Week 2

The Sunday SpotlightSo, it has been a while since the last spotlight, but hey, I have been busy as hell! And lazy! And the combination of those two problems is a force to be reckoned with. Anyhow, I have a collection of interesting reads for you today, including a mathematical formula that says D-Wade is the next MJ! Sorta…

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A Case for Miami

Dwayne Wade still rules!The current talk is of Dwayne Wade’s chances of taking the MVP crown late from LeBron James, and while that would be nice, both players have honestly played at the same high level all year long, and though he does have better players around him, LeBron’s Cavs have the better record. Let’s be honest, whoever wins the MVP this year, LeBron, Wade, or Bryant, it won’t be a bad selection (*cough* Nash *cough*). What I’m more interested in is whether or not Miami should be talked about as the best Dark Horse in these upcoming playoffs.
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East vs. West (and a Few Picks Thrown in too)

East vs. WestSo here are my arguments for the East, and problems with other’s arguments against the East. First the problems, as there really is only one, and that is injuries. This year it seems like every elite West team can claim injuries at every major position and yet still win so many games. Here’s my problem with that, the East has had just as many injuries to key players, on pretty much every team.
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O’Neal Trade

Jermaine to the Heat?So we’ve all heard the rumors by now I’m sure, Heat President Pat Riley has been shopping Marion and top on the list is a probable straight trade (or Marion and one other player possibly Marcus Banks to shunt off his contract), for Jermaine O’Neal. I’ve heard all sorts of reactions to this news, but I honestly see it as a no lose situation, no matter how you look at it.

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The Sunday Spotlight: Week 1

The Sunday SpotlightThe Sunday Spotlight is a new little feature that I am trying out to shed more light on bloggers writing about the Miami Heat. I just want to give some link love to people out there fighting the good fight. This week, we are featuring some great articles about the draft and exactly who Michael Beasley is (who goes to 7 different high schools?). So sit back, relax and enjoy the read!

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East vs. WestConsidering the five year run the West had post Jordan-Era with San Antonio book ending the Lakers Three-Peat, I’d be hard pressed to argue that the East has not only caught up with the West, but might even have surpassed it. For one, the NBA is much like politics, mostly due to the Draft Lottery which is, as my brother would tell you, retarded. Why a team like Chicago deserves a number 1 pick, no one will ever know.
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2008 Draft Predictions, sort of…

Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose? Derrick Rose! All I hear about these days is Derrick Rose. Sure Michael Beasley is one of the greatest talents we’ve seen in quite a while, but questions of his value to either of the top two picks in the Bulls and Heat respectively have pretty much pushed him out of the picture. Honestly, I can’t say it’s too stupid. Though articles I read of his workouts and seeing him in action during the NCAA Tourney really caught my eye, he just has the reeking aura of a Ryan Leaf (NFL sure, but if you don’t know who he is, take 50 points off of your sports fan card and look him up).
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